Cosmopolitan Cleaning strives to be the leading and most trusted cleaning company in the Colorado Springs, El Paso County area.  Our most sincere dedication to our clients is to always treat their property as if it were our own:  With respect, awareness, and a touch of personal charm.  It is our mission to provide an unprecedented level of personalized and professional service which delivers quality results.

The internal mission of Cosmopolitan Cleaning is to provide a safe and productive work environment where the employees are members of the team and feel comfortable sharing their ideas while providing a platform from which creativity is regularly inspired and encouraged.  We use all natural, biodegradable, pet friendly, earth friendly products.  

We use organic ingredients in our cleaning solutions that naturally possess anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial agents.  We incorporate coconut derived products and essential oils into our daily cleaning routines.

We are the best janitorial company in the Colorado Springs area!  

Non-toxic, biodegradable products, pet friendly.