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The Cosmo Culture

By making Cosmopolitan Cleaning an all-accepting business culture in which respect, awareness, and personal charm is shown to a wide variety of people and interests; we experience a high rate of return clients.

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Our mascot was chosen as a frog because of its universal recognition as a symbol of hope, prosperity, peace, enrichment, positive change of direction and more.  The majority of the world and many prominent cultures view the frog as something inspirational.

In our logo, the frog is encompassed by the earth to signify that Cosmopolitan Cleaning wants to have an impact on the planet and to benefit from connecting to one another for an economic greater good.

The name, ‘Cosmopolitan Cleaning,’ was chosen because of our intention to be the diverse supplier of cleaning services and products with small, medium, and large home owners and businesses

Cosmopolitan is belonging to the world; not limited to just one part.  Due to the military presence here we are exposed to a diverse set of traditions and backgrounds.  This community is composed of people from all over the world or from many different spheres.

Hear the word, ‘Cosmopolitan’ and immediately associate our firm with a worldly and open-minded establishment.

Female Veteran Operated.  Eco Friendly.  BBB accredited.

We are the best cleaning company in Colorado Springs.

Janitorial.  Eco friendly.  Earth friendly.

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