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Gym & Fitness Center Cleaning Service | Milwaukee & Brookfield

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We offer a full cleaning service for a gym or fitness center. When we come to clean, everything gets done. The team will clean the bathrooms, gym equipment, entrance area, sofas, fans, walls, and floors. Our cleaners have several years in the cleaning business, so they are ready to make the place spotless. Our cleaners have good communication skills, they take criticism professionally, they are hard workers and they have high standards of cleaning. If clients have questions they can ask the supervisor who is in charge of the team. The supervisor sets out all the tasks and requirements.

Gym Equipment

As numerous amounts of people touch the gym equipment throughout the day, it’s important to clean it with sanitizer. We spray all the equipment down with a disinfectant and we don’t allow people to use the equipment again until its completely dry. There is a certain way to clean equipment to prevent damage as some gym equipment is made of leather. We are a well-trained team that knows exactly what products go where. If a gym has dirty equipment, customers will start to notice and may feel it's unhealthy. Let's prevent complaints and get them cleaned.

Entrance Area

This is the area that some people sit down and wait to be taken around the gym for the first time, sign up, fetch someone, or wait for a friend. This is why we make sure to clean the seating area with a sanitizer. This is also the area you see first when you walk into a gym, so it has to look clean. This area should be welcoming and make newcomers want to be a part of this gym. This is the goal we set for your gym when cleaning this area.


All bathrooms that we clean are done in a certain order, making sure that everything is checked off the list. The team will clean the mirrors, wipe the sinks, wipe the taps, clean the floors, wipe all surfaces, restock items for you, clean the toilets, clean all door handles and dust areas. When cleaning a bathroom in a commercial space, it's always good to get in professionals to stay in the safety guidelines of a gym. Bathrooms are a hotspot for germs as people leave their personal belongings here, get changed, and leave towels on the surfaces.

Pool area

If your gym has a pool area then we will clean the floors around the pool, making sure that there are signs up while we are cleaning to prevent accidents. The cleaners will disinfect the floors as people usually go barefoot around the pool area. Each pool area will be different and so we will need the requirement before-hand. Some pool areas have windows around them which will have to be cleaned. Some pool rooms have a storeroom which will need to be cleaned.

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