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Janitorial Service | Milwaukee & Brookfield

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We always respond to issues and any specific requests as soon as possible. Small everyday cleaning tasks. Each building is unique so we always ask that you reach out and let us know about your site-specific needs. Our cleaners will wear personal protective equipment at all times and our carts come stocked with all the best products and equipment. Personal protective equipment consists of disposable gloves. These are the products and equipment we have used over numerous years and they always produce the best results.

Scope of Work

The janitor will go around the room to take care of anything and to check there is nothing they will need to report about before going ahead with the job. Next, we will spray the necessary areas down with disinfectant. After this, we will restock the materials such as toilet paper, soap, towels, etc. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from other cleaning companies. We want to let our clients know that we take criticism professionally. Our janitors know that offices must be cleaned specifically all while making sure not to move an item, as the person who sits at that desk might not want their stuff moved.

Floor Care

We use only the best products to sanitize the floors and give them back their shine. We have had some wonderful results with our floor cleaning products over the years. If there is a specific requirement please let our team know beforehand and we would like to let you know that we take criticism professionally. We want clients to know that communication is key in our company, that's why we stand out. When dealing with the floors we make sure to take out the trash too. Our janitors will also put all chairs back to where they were after moving them, making sure to keep everything neat.

Carpet Care

Carpets hold smells, dirt, and hair so it’s incredibly important to vacuum and remove these germs regularly. Our consistency with our cleaning makes us the number one choice. The supervisor will always be around to make sure the service is running smoothly, that way if you need to communicate something about your carpet then please don’t hesitate to ask the supervisor.

Window Washing and Bathrooms

We never forget about the windows and we know a room cam to be spotless but if the windows haven't been wiped in a while then it will still appear dirty inside and this is not what you want your customers seeing. Our janitors are trained in all areas and have been cleaning windows for a long period. In the bathrooms, we make sure to wipe the mirrors down with the correct products and we give extra attention to the taps, tabletops, and surfaces. We disinfect the toilets. Before going into the restroom we will make sure nobody is inside and when the room is free then the janitor can place a sign on the outside.

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