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Office Cleaning Service | Milwaukee & Brookfield

affordable office cleaning services

We offer a full range of hygiene services for office cleaning. We also offer tailored bundles for office cleaning that will allow clients to put together options and create a cleaning process that suits their specific needs. There will be on-site management present at all times, making sure the process runs smoothly and that everything is being communicated clearly around the team of cleaners. We also offer cleaning contracts that will allow us to return to your premises and clean over a set period, taking the stress of cleaning completely out of your office life.

Carpet Cleaning

If your office has a carpet, then you’ll be happy to know that we offer carpet cleaning services too. Cleaning your carpet will allow for the offices to be more hygienic and safe. Our products are registered and offer proper carpet cleaning solutions. We also offer a waterless carpet cleaning service. Carpets hold to smells and dust so a regular carpet clean is important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Also, a clean carpet can look noticeably different afterward. If you have a lot of people coming in and out and specifically walking on that carpet then it will start to show with time and that is never good for business.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows can say a lot about your business. When cleaning the windows, we have to make sure the window frames are cleaned, sprayed, and wiped. We then remove any smudges and wipe the glass clean. If windows aren’t wiped properly then marks will appear, making it look like the window is still dirty. This is why we train our cleaners in windows before letting them clean yours. Only once they are well trained and pass the test, can they be allowed to clean windows professionally.

Office Equipment Cleaning

It is a crucial step in cleanliness to make sure all the office equipment is being disinfected and wiped down to prevent the spread of germs. Office equipment sometimes gets passed around from person to person and germs can sit on objects for a while. Dust also gets in between buttons and creeps into small places which can cause dust mites. Our cleaners will leave the office and its equipment spotless, making sure to prevent any dirt, dust, or germ build-up.

Floor Cleaning

Floors can’t just be cleaned with water straight away the carpet has to be swept or vacuumed first. After doing this then the cleaners can go in with a mop to clean the floors and give them a good scrub. Our company has floor cleaning procedures that we follow to prevent any accidents. The procedure makes sure nobody slips in the process of cleaning or afterward when the floor is still wet, by putting caution signs up. Caution signs will be placed all around the wet floor. We offer an environmentally friendly floor cleaning product so please let us know what your specifications are.

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