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Gym & Fitness Center Cleaning Service | Milwaukee & Brookfield

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We offer a full cleaning service for gyms and fitness centers. When we come to clean, each area will be cleaned. The team at JP Commercial Cleaning of Milwaukee will clean the bathrooms, gym equipment, entrance area, seating, fans, walls, and floors. Our cleaners have years of experience in the cleaning business, so they are ready to make the place spotless. Our hard working cleaning teams are led by a supervisor who will be on site with the team. If clients have questions they can ask the supervisor who is in charge of the team. The supervisor sets out all the tasks and requirements, making sure that everything is completed in a timely and professional manner.


Gym Equipment

Your gym equipment gets used by many people each day, so we know it’s important to keep it sanitized. We spray all the equipment down with a disinfectant and we don’t allow people to use the equipment again until it's completely dry so that it is safe to use again. There is a certain way to clean equipment to prevent damage as some gym equipment is made of leather. We are a well-trained team that knows exactly what products go where. If a gym has dirty equipment, customers will start to notice and may feel it's unhealthy. Having clean gym equipment not only means your facility will look and feel cleaner, it will prevent your clients from spreading germs and getting sick.


Entrance Area

Your entrance is the first impression when someone visits your gym. Whether this is their first time, or they are a regular customer, having a clean entrance will ensure a great first impression to your brand. This area should be welcoming and make newcomers want to be a part of this gym. We also want to ensure the safety of all of your visitors and employees, so we make sure this area is sanitized as well. This is the goal we set for your gym when cleaning this area.



In order to make sure that every bathroom is clean, we follow a rigorous cleaning checklist.  The team will clean the mirrors, wipe the sinks, wipe the taps, clean the floors, wipe all surfaces, restock items for you, clean the toilets, clean all door handles and dust areas. When cleaning a bathroom in a commercial space, it's always good to have professionals to stay in the safety guidelines of a gym. Bathrooms are a hotspot for germs as people leave their personal belongings here, get changed, and leave towels on the surfaces. Any lingering mold, mildew or urine can leave an unpleasant smell, which nobody will find inviting. By not only cleaning the bathroom but disinfecting thoroughly, these odors are eliminated, creating a clean and welcoming environment that will reduce the spread of germs.


Pool area

If your gym has a pool area then we will clean the floors around the pool. Whenever we clean a floor area, we make sure to follow all safety guidelines and sign the area properly to prevent slips and falls. The cleaners will disinfect the floors as people usually go barefoot around the pool area, which can harbor nasty bacteria and germs. Each pool area will be different and so we will need the requirement beforehand. We make sure to discuss all the specifics of the cleaning with you beforehand so we both know exactly what is being cleaned and how. If your pool area has windows, they will be cleaned to remove any water spots, handprints, smudges, etc. Our teams are specially trained to clean windows properly to prevent streaks from forming after they are cleaned. We know that clear, clean windows can make a space more inviting for your guests. Some pool rooms have a storeroom which will also need to be cleaned. Any furniture around your pool area such as chairs will also be cleaned and disinfected, keeping your whole pool area safe and free from germs.



The back of house offices are just as important to keep clean as the gym floor itself. We provide office cleaning services, making sure all the desks, floors, and windows are cleaned. We remove and dispose of any trash, leaving your offices cleaned and disinfected. Break rooms for employees are also cleaned, sanitized, and made safe for your employees to enjoy their down time. Keeping your employee only areas free from germs will keep your team healthier, meaning less call outs and higher productivity, not to mention a happier team.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to make sure your gym is clean. First and foremost, the health and safety of your clients is important. By making sure that equipment and bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized, you’re doing your part to make sure your customers aren’t spreading germs between each other. Secondly, having a clean facility means you’re maintaining your brand. You can have a state of the art facility, but if your equipment or floor are dirty, your customers aren’t going to want to come back or recommend you to a friend. Maintaining a clean facility means your customers are more likely to frequent your gym and keep coming back.

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