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Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning Service | Milwaukee & Brookfield

Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning Service | Milwaukee & Brookfield

Industrial and manufacturing facilities present a unique set of challenges when it comes to cleaning. Not every cleaning company is equipped to tackle those industrial sized jobs, so when it comes to making sure your facility is cleaned, JP Commercial Cleaners of Milwaukee is up for the job. Our specially trained cleaning crews utilize special cleaners and techniques to remove industrial grime, grease, dirt and get all of your manufacturing spaces clean.


OSHA Complaint

We know you have regulatory restrictions, and we make sure to comply with them. Our cleaning crews are well versed in the regulations pertaining to your industry, follow safe chemical handling standards, and MSDS regulations. We also make sure our cleaning crews are wearing uniforms and easily seen identification badges so you can identify our cleaners anywhere on your site.


Commercial Cleaning Products

JP Commercial Cleaning uses high grade commercial cleaners in order to fight against the tough grime that can be created in industrial and manufacturing facilities. We use a combination of tough products, the proper equipment and solid techniques to ensure your facility is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. No matter the size of your facility, we have solutions for you.



We know your floors can go through the wringer, and they need solutions to keep them not only clean, but safe. We clean all flooring types including concrete, tile, vinyl and more. We offer daily cleaning services as well as specialty deep cleaning and buffering services on a schedule. Keeping your floors safe for your employees is a top concern for us, so not only do we do a great job cleaning, we make sure all floors are properly signed to reduce slips. Our vacuums use HEPA filtration to ensure that we are improving the air quality, removing particulate from both the floors and the air.



We offer more cleaning than just the manufacturing or production areas of your facility, we clean the offices too. We know that having a clean workspace not only improves health and productivity of your staff, but can create an impression when you have clients in as well. We make sure to clean all desk areas, office equipment, furniture and floors. We remove all trash to ensure a clean and inviting office space.


Bathrooms and Break Rooms

Sanitizing shared spaces is important in maintaining the health of your workforce. Surfaces in bathrooms including toilets, sinks, handles, and any touch points are cleaned and sanitized. All products such as hand towels and toilet paper are restocked, ensuring your bathrooms are up to snuff. Break rooms are cleaned, surfaces sanitized and trash removed so that your staff has a great place to take their breaks that is also safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any shared workspaces run the risk of spreading infections if not properly cleaned and disinfected. This also goes for industrial spaces. Shared equipment, break rooms, bathrooms and offices can all harbor germs that then are shared. Our disinfecting products kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria, meaning that your surfaces are safer. Reducing the bacteria and the spread of germs can greatly increase your workers productivity by reducing their chances of getting sick.

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