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Our cleaning team here at JP Commercial Cleaning will be happy to help clean your medical office. Our cleaners are experienced and they are extremely diligent hard workers. A medical office needs to be properly cleaned out with the right equipment and products to disinfect the rooms. Without proper disinfecting, medical facilities can become hot spots for the spread of diseases and germs. We will explain more about the process, the products we use, and the parts we focus on due to more germs being on those specific items.


Disinfectant cleaning

Our team of cleaners will wear protective gear at all times when cleaning medical offices. This ensures that they don't spread any germs of their own while cleaning. We use disinfectant for all areas and surfaces of a medical office. This is to ensure the safety and health of everyone working in the office and the customers. We strongly feel that you not only have to clean a surface but you also have to disinfect it to make sure to get rid of any bacteria. The alcohol in our products kills bacteria. If there is a certain product you don’t want us using, please let us know beforehand.


We start by putting signs on the floor to make sure people know that we are cleaning. We empty the garbage bags and then we dust the surfaces. The removal of dust is an important step to ensure there are no areas where bacteria and viruses can hide out. We will follow this with a disinfectant spray and wipe for all surfaces in a medical office including all touch points. We will also polish the furniture to ensure it is clean and spotless. We then clean the windows and ledges with our professional products. Lastly, we mop the floors and make sure to use a special disinfectant. At the end of the process, we will take a look at our overall work and see if anything was left out. As with all of our cleaning services, a supervisor will be on site to ensure all the work is done in a timely, professional and thorough manner.



In the bathroom, customers touch a lot of surfaces such as door handles, taps, soap dispensers, and toilets. These surfaces become hotspots for germs to sit and pass on from one person to the next. This is why we focus on these surfaces the most, paying extra special attention to them to prevent any illnesses from spreading or unwanted bacteria. We wipe the mirrors down, clean the sink basins, tabletops, floors, toilets, restock any bathroom items such as hand soap or toilet paper, and wipe the doors leading to the toilets. All bathroom surfaces are disinfected to ensure that all germs are killed in the cleaning process. Mold, mildew, urine and other nasty things in bathrooms can create a lingering, unpleasant smell. By making sure we are cleaning every area of the bathroom and disinfecting every surface, these smells are knocked out, leaving you with a clean, inviting bathroom for your clients as well as your employees.


Waiting Room

This is an important room because it’s where a lot of people wait, sit down, and place their personal belongings on the tables and floors. Personal belongings carry germs, so we make sure to clean the areas where personal belongings are usually placed. This is why we make sure to disinfect the surfaces of all the furniture and floors to get rid of germs and bacteria. A waiting room is also the first room customers usually see when they walk in. This first impression is important and can make or break the way the cleanliness of your medical office is perceived. A clean waiting room can lead to higher client retention.



Both carpeting and hard flooring in medical offices are important to keep clean and disinfected. We offer not only vacuuming with HEPA filtration, but can do extraction or dry cleaning on carpeting. Hard flooring is cleaned of any debris, then mopped and disinfected to ensure the floor is not only clean but free from germs. Shoes can bring in and spread germs from outside, so we pay special attention to making sure the floors are cleaned, not only for the image of your medical facility, but the safety of your clients. We make sure to put out wet floor signs in any areas that are being cleaned in order to prevent slips and falls.


At JP Commercial Cleaning, we specialize in office cleaning, commercial cleaning, and janitorial services. Call us today for a free, no-obligation cleaning estimate.

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