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Move Out Cleaning Service | Milwaukee & Brookfield

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Our move out cleaners will make sure to clean your house exactly to your requirements. Moving out can be both a stressful and exciting time for people. It can be stressful if you have a lot of items that you are needing to box up and take with you to the next home. It can be stressful if you are moving alone with nobody to help you or if you are someone who is in a large family with a massive amount of belongings. We have seen and heard it all, that’s why we want to be there for you.

Kitchen Appliances

Our cleaners will wipe down all your kitchen appliances to make sure all the grease, dirt, and food has been removed. We clean out fridges, clean ovens, microwaves, sinks, utensils, taps, blenders, and other kitchen appliances. This will ensure that you leave the house spotless and not only are you leaving the house spotless but you are leaving all the items in the house in tip-top shape. Sometimes all you want to do is move because you are so excited about the next adventure, so the little things like checking the appliances are all clean will be the last thing on your mind.

Vacuum and Sweep

It’s important to vacuum and sweep all carpets and floors to make sure the home is ready for the next tenant or owner. Carpets hold to smells and if you have pets then there could be fur on the carpet. These are all items you want to be removed, especially if the carpet isn't owned by you. We also clean couches which are another hot spot area for sweat and germs to sit if you don't clean it. If all the items in the house are yours and you are taking them with you, it still helps cleaning them before placing them in your new home.

Dust and Scrub

Our cleaners will dust all the surfaces, especially the ones that are hard to reach. We will scrub appliances and other important units to remove any dirt or bacteria. We have the unique equipment for the job because as you will find inside your home, it’s hard to clean certain places. We know that after a long week at work, the last thing people want to do is to clean their house. Scrubbing is needed from time to time to remove dirt, stains, or even mold. Scrubbing can help with preventing future damage because sometimes when you leave a satin for too long it becomes impossible to remove.

Surface Cleaning 

All surfaces will be cleaned and wiped down. These surfaces include tabletops, kitchen tops, railings, handles, and other surfaces. We want to make sure that all tabletops and other surfaces are left without germs and dust. Dust forms quickly on surfaces, even if you clean often. With all the items that go on surfaces like glasses, bags, candles, and other items, you will need to do a proper wipe and sanitize.

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