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A clean office environment can make a huge difference not only in how your business is perceived, but in productivity as well. We offer a full range of hygiene services for office cleaning to ensure your building is clean and disinfected. We also offer tailored bundles for office cleaning that will allow clients to put together options and create a cleaning process that suits their specific needs. An on-site supervisor is present at all times, making sure the process runs smoothly and that everything is being communicated clearly around the team of cleaners. We also offer cleaning contracts that will allow us to return to your premises and clean over a set period, taking the stress of cleaning completely out of your office life. We offer cleaning for all areas of your office, from top to bottom.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can hide a lot of dirty secrets. Not only does dirt get trapped in carpet fibers, but dust, germs and smells linger as well. Cleaning your carpet will allow for the offices to be more hygienic and safe. Our products are registered and offer proper carpet cleaning solutions. We also offer a waterless carpet cleaning service for offices that may not want water extraction for various reasons. Regular carpet maintenance is important to not only creating a clean and safe environment, but will prolong the life of your carpeting as well. Frequent vacuuming paired with spot cleaning as well as extraction or waterless carpet cleaning can keep your carpeting not only hygienic, but noticeably cleaner as well. If you have high foot traffic over carpeted areas, or track in lots of rain/snow, having your carpet cleaned regularly is important.


Window Cleaning

Clean windows can say a lot about your business. When cleaning the windows, we make sure the window frames are cleaned, sprayed, and wiped. We then remove any smudges and wipe the glass clean. If windows aren’t wiped properly then marks will appear, making it look like the window is still dirty. This is why we train our cleaners at JP Commercial Cleaning Services in windows before letting them clean yours. Only once they are well trained and pass the test, can they be allowed to clean windows professionally.


Office Equipment Cleaning

It is a crucial step in cleanliness to make sure all the office equipment is being disinfected and wiped down to prevent the spread of germs. Office equipment sometimes gets passed around from person to person and germs can sit on objects for a while. Dust also gets in between buttons and creeps into small places which can harbor germs. Our cleaners will leave the office and its equipment spotless, making sure to prevent any dirt, dust, or germ build-up. We also make sure to place each item back where it was found so that your office is cleaned, but still looks untouched.


Hard Floor Cleaning

Just as with carpeted floors, there are steps to taking care of hard flooring. Regular removal of dirt and debris with sweeping and vacuuming is then followed with mopping and wet cleaning. JP Commercial Cleaning Services has floor cleaning procedures that we follow to prevent any accidents including placing proper signage around the areas that are wet. Proper cleaning procedures are also used to make sure we’re not leaving the floors too wet as they are being cleaned, ensuring they are getting clean but drying quickly. Using the correct cleaning chemicals for the job is also important. We want to make sure your floors are free of dirt, disinfected, and with no sticky residue that will attract dirt back to your floors. We also want to make sure that there is no film left on your flooring that can cause slips and falls.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of reasons for creating and maintaining a clean office environment. Employees tend to be more productive in a space that is clean, but beyond that, there tend to be fewer illnesses. By making sure that office equipment, desks and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected, the spread of diseases such as the common cold are drastically decreased. Ensuring that dust is minimized can also reduce those out with respiratory problems. This means that more of your employees are feeling better and out of the office less. On top of your employees, there is also your brand to consider. You have an image to maintain, and appearances are a large part of that. As you have customers or clients into your building, you want to make sure they are impressed with the level of cleanliness you maintain. You are more likely to attract and retain customers when your office building is clean and presentable. If you need office cleaning Milwaukee, call us today.

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