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When it comes to cleaning a house we at Cosmos Cleaners aim to provide clients with spotless homes and at the same time take the load off your shoulders. We offer room cleaning services, ironing services, laundry services, dishwashing, and a full package that includes all the services together. If there are any specific requirements from the client, we suggest you let the cleaners know before so they can get it done for you. If you will remain at home during the time the cleaners are there we want, you to feel free to ask them any questions at any time.

Room Cleaning

We make the beds, pick up any items off the floors, move the beds so we can sweep and vacuum under the furniture. Dust all mirrors in the bedroom and dust side tables. Wipe surfaces around the bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, and entertainment areas. If there is a carpet, we will remove the dirt and any stains. We will mop the floors with special products and use a room spray, which is our signature touch, at the end to leave the area smelling amazing. If you have a certain way you prefer your bed to be made, then please let the cleaners know.

Ironing/ Laundry

We offer an ironing service and a laundry service. Our clients always love getting the two services together, this way getting all their laundry washed and ironed for the week. We offer a pick-up service where we can collect your laundry and drop it off later in the day once it has been ironed and folded neatly. If there a specific allergy to certain laundry detergents, please let us know before the service so we can make an arrangement. The laundry service includes washing the bed linens, bath or shower towels, blankets, and hand towels.


Take a day off from washing the dishes and let us do the work for you. This will leave you with more time on your hands and a lot less stress. Our professional cleaners will wash all the dishes for you, all while making sure everything is to your exact requirements. We will make sure to pack all dishes away once completed, leaving your house as good as new. Please feel free to let our cleaners know your exact requirements at any time of the service, but preferably before. Our cleaning team comes with all their products so you won't need to worry about having cleaning products.


Dusting the house in places people usually can’t get to is what we enjoy doing most. We want to make sure we clean the places out that haven’t been cleaned in a while. The hard to reach. This includes dusting the ceiling fans, removing cobwebs, dusting the couches and tables around the house, mirrors, dusting the baseboards, and cupboards. This is especially important if you have many people in the house that are allergic to dust particles. We also recommend that you get dusting done regularly to make sure your home is safe for you and the people around you.

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