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We take janitorial services seriously so you can move on with your day. JP Commercial Cleaning Services of Milwaukee takes care of all of your everyday cleaning tasks and unique needs. Let us know what your site-specific needs are so we can be sure we are tackling every area that is important to you.


Our Team

Our cleaners will wear personal protective equipment, including gloves, at all times for their safety as well as yours.  Our carts come stocked with all the top products and equipment to be sure to give your building the best possible clean in an efficient amount of time. These are the products and equipment we have used over numerous years and they always produce the best results.


Scope of Work

Our janitors begin with a check of the entire room to be cleaned, being sure to note anything that may need to be reported on before they begin the cleaning itself. All applicable areas are sprayed with disinfectant spray to take care of any germs and viruses on the surface. We then are sure to stock any materials such as toilet paper, soap, towel, etc. Depending on the area we are cleaning, we are sure to put everything back in its place when we are finished such as chairs, and making sure to not move any items at a desk, while making sure to still get everything as clean as possible. Our attention to detail not only in the care but in the cleaning itself is what sets JP Commercial Cleaning Services of Milwaukee apart. If there are any specific items on your checklist, please let us know! We love to have open communication with you so that we can provide the best possible service.


Floor Care

We use only the best products to sanitize the floors as well as give them back their shine. If there is a specific requirement please let our team know beforehand. We want clients to know that communication is key in our company, that's why we stand out. Having clean floors isn’t just about looking nice, it can be a safety issue too. Improperly used chemicals or incorrect or lack of signing when cleaning hard floor surfaces can lead to slippery falls and potential falls. We are sure to use the proper chemicals and equipment when cleaning your floors, and signing the floors promptly to reduce the fall hazard. As we clean your floors, we also empty your trash receptacles, being sure to clean underneath. This not only makes sure your floors are completely clean, but can help reduce pests. We put everything back neatly in its place when we’re done so you won’t even know we were there, except the perfectly clean floors of course.


Carpet Care

Carpet fibers hold smells, dirt, hair and dust so it’s incredibly important to vacuum and remove these germs regularly. Using efficient vacuums with proper filters on them makes a big difference to not only the cleanliness for your carpets, but for your air quality as well. Regular vacuuming also helps increase the lifespan of your carpet. If dirt is ground into the fibers and not removed on a regular basis, not only can it permanently stain the carpeting, it can lead to the fibers themselves degrading. We can provide regular carpet extraction services as well to give your carpets a refresh and remove stains that have occurred. As with all of our services, a supervisor is always on site, so if you have carpet specific questions, feel free to ask!



Build up of mold, mildew and other things in bathrooms can lead to an unpleasant smell for both your employees and your patrons. That’s why it’s especially important to get to all bathroom surfaces and not only clean, but disinfect. Before going into the restroom we will make sure nobody is inside and when the room is free then the janitor can place a sign on the outside. In the bathrooms, we clean and disinfect all toilets, sinks, handles, and any touch points. All mirrors are wiped down, as well as any other surface that may get dirty. When you enter the bathrooms they are clean looking and clean smelling.



You can clean a room all you want, but if the windows are dirty, your room still won’t appear clean. We wipe down the interior windows in any area we are cleaning so that they do not detract from the overall cleanliness of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

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